Ocular Albinism


Some cases of Ocular Albinism can benefit from the wearing our Prosthetic or Hand Painted Contact Lens. Only  an Eye Care Professional will be able to make that decision. We have many Eye Care Professionals, some most likely in your area we could suggest you visit for an evaluation.

Ocular Albinism is an inherited condition in which the eyes lack melanin pigment, while the skin and hair show normal or near-normal coloration. The lack of pigment in the eyes can cause various vision problems:

  • Reduced visual acuity – poor vision in general,
  • Nystagmus – involuntary back & forth movement of the eyes,
  • Strabismus – corssed eyes of “lazy eye,
  • Sensitivity to bright light and glare.

The reduced VA may result in difficulty in school for youngsters and could compromise adults ability to drive a car.

Ocular Albinism can affect the color of the Iris and our Prosthetic & Hand Painted lenses can often mask this problem.