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Hello, and welcome to the official Medcorp International’s blog dedicated to helping those with disfigured eye problems. After decades of experience in dealing with prosthetic, therapeutic and natural contact lenses and people who need them, we have realized there is a large number of people with disfigured eye problems out there who just don’t know where to start and what to do regarding their eye problems. So, we decided to share our vast knowledge for free here on our official Disfigured Eye Help Blog, and help those who need that help the most.


We are aware of many people with disfigured eyes that are unable to feel confidant in everyday living. People conceal their disfigured eyes by wearing dark glasses for example. Some can avoid socializing to the extent that they can become reclusive. Children with disfigured eye problems are often teased and stared at by classmates. We can help point you in the right direction to the best and most convenient professionals in your area now.


Our blog is designed to inform and help those who are suffering from disfigured eye problems in two ways. We want to provide you with free information and advice through various articles you can find here *, and most importantly – we can point you directly, according to your problem and area, in the right direction to find the help you need.

free-disfigured-eye-help-0 Our main goal is to reach as much as possible people with disfigured eyes, and refer them personally to their local Eye Care Professional who can help fix their appearance.

In order to get the help you deserve, please provide via e-mail your name, address and any comments you may have, and we will email you back the names of Eye Care Professionals in your area who can help fix your appearance.

In order to help as many people as possible with disfigured eye problems, we encourage you to find us on Google+ and Facebook, and share our Disfigured Eye Help blog articles with people who need our help.

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* HELP for: Albinism, Amblyopia, Aniridia, Diplopia, Fixed, Dilated pupils, Heterochromia, Iridectomy, Iris Coloboma, Photophobia, Scarred and/or Opacified Cornea, Strabismus