Disfigured eye help video by Medcorp

Disfigured eye help video by Medcorp International

There are three options for disfigured eye, all including specific types of contact lenses, please watch the video below.

We are here to help you with Disfigured Eye problems

Cantor Prosthetic contact lenses

Prosthetic lenses are easy to handle and wear. Their colors are computer generated, and reproducibility is virtually 100%.

Nissel Natural lenses

Nissel Naturals are the second choice particularly for a blue or green eye, or when a specific parameter is needed.

Hand Painted contact lenses

Hand Painted lenses are the last resort, used only when the color of the eye cannot be met with the Prosthetic or Nissel Natural lenses, or an offset pupil/Strabismus lens is needed.