Benny The Anatomical Teddy Bear

Child Care Specialist around the world is already using Benny, the Anatomical Teddy Bear, to help explain a procedure or surgery to pediatric patients and parents. Our best reference is for you to ask a CCLS who is using Benny.

Benny Teddy Bear teaches pediatric patients about the human organism. Unlike diagram models, Benny can be touched, hugged and many of the organs are removable for ease of demonstrating and teaching. Kids can identify with Benny; they can’t with a picture or even other models. Using Benny to explain a surgery and/or procedure usually will lower the apprehension level to manageable levels. You can even demonstrate drawing blood, giving an IV or catheterizing the bladder. Benny is about 55.8 cm long and 25 cm wide and weighs about 0.68 kg. He is not a toy but a real tool to facilitate your efforts in explaining and helping to allay fears.

Minimize fears of young children facing surgery by introducing them to Benny.

Benny enables you to demonstrate a variety of medical procedures to young patients :

Digestive system
  • esophagus
  • stomach
  • pancreas
  • liver
  • gallbladder
  • intestines
  • appendix
Urinary system
  • kidneys
  • bladder
  • urethra



Skeletal system
  • arm/leg bone
  • rib cage
Other anatomy
  • heart
  • lungs
  • windpipe
  • spleen
  • two tonsils

The response to Benny The Anatomical Teddy Bear from your Child Life Specialists really was overwhelming. Benny obviously fills a real need and we would like to make your obtaining a Benny as easy as possible because you really have to see him to appreciate his many attributes. Benny cost $100 less than other models, he can be hand washed (please do not put Benny in Dryer). You can even use a water-soluble sterilizing solution on Benny. Benny will give you years of service and help in your very delicate job of helping make life a little better for your apprehensive and often confused patients.

Please contact us directly for more details about Benny The Anatomical Teddy Bear.

Monday, December 10, 2018

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